Kendall Redburn

Author, Photographer

(back cover)

Excerpts from Wishing the Moon .


Cordain stepped away from the rugs, kneeled and touched the ground. A bulge in the earth formed under his hand and rose. The grass around him shook violently.

Under Cordain's touch, the mound split open. From it came the head of a jet-black horse. The head shook and snorted dust from its nostrils then opened two shining quartz eyes. Cordain laughed with delight. The ground heaved again, split wider, and the shoulders appeared. The horse shook, tensed, and struggled upward as if forcing its own birth from an earthen womb. With each effort, more of its body came forth. The rich topsoil that was its flesh hardened and dried to the consistency of obsidian. Cordain rose with the horse and spread his legs over its back as it came up beneath him. With a final flourish, the horse leapt out of the ground and onto the grass beside them. The magnificent black stallion stood over all their heads. It shook its head and mane. Cordain's attention to detail bordered on Divine. He patted its neck as it pawed the ground from which it had been born. The muscles rippled under his touch. The beast reared on its hind legs and beat at the air.


Tara stood in the cool air of the night, not yet shivering, and watched with some alarm as a soldier approached.

"Left you out here all by yourself are you?” The man was of too low rank to be in this area, and possibly drunk. "Pretty little thing you are, waiting for someone? Well here I am."

She stood her ground, bared her teeth, and hissed at him. He made a quick grab and pulled her into his arms.

"You're Le Le's girl." He glanced over at the tent. "Sounds like your lady already has herself a man then, leaving you all by yourself. My lucky day. Now you've got a man too. I got just the thing for you, pretty little one."

Tara sympathized with her mistress's views on the male species.

"All you got to do is say no," He said feigning seriousness. he pulled her in for a kiss.

"Wouldn't you rather have the real thing?" Le Le asked. She stood in the opening of her tent, the flap held aside with one arm, her other on her hip. The light from the lamps inside was low, but her nightgown was thin and gauzy. The combined look was that of a naked woman covered in spider webs. Her breasts seemed to glow around the edges. The darkness of her hips, deep and absolute, was contrasted by the thin line of light that spilled between her slightly spread legs.

The soldier licked his lips; a slightly puzzled look crossed his face. He had not seen anyone leave the tent and wondered where the other man had gone. Tara broke from his grasp; he seemed to have forgotten her. She bowed low to her mistress. Le Le waved her inside and approached the soldier.

Tara stopped inside the tent, and peered out through a gap.

The man looked confused, a little frightened, but confident in the attraction he held for women. Le Le moved in close and rubbed her breasts against him. She put her hand around to the back of his neck and kissed him. Tara looked away. She noticed one of the side flaps was up and the netting pulled back. Le Le would be mad if bugs got into the tent and would blame her. She hurried over and put the netting back into place.

Le Le returned with her mood improved. Tara sat patiently waiting.

"You should have watched," Le Le said. "You would have enjoyed seeing his eyes frost over."