Kendall Redburn

Author, Photographer

Read my first published short story Burden to Bear - a story about what we might do, when there is nothing to do.

Published by Wyrd Daze, an online multimedia zine of speculative fiction and extrodinary music, art & writing.



The adventures of Captain Santa and the Buccaneers in Midnight Over Paris

Cover art by Colton Zimmerman.

Captain William Ellis Santana is the rough and ready pilot of a twin dirigible aircraft carrier - Heaven's Deliverance, aka the "Sleigh." As Captain Santa, he leads a band of British pilots in a series of adventures above and below the skies of England during World War II.

In volume 1: Midnight over Paris, Captain Santa has to rendezvous with a Russian spy who has the plans to the latest German Jet Aircraft. He's running late, losing altitude, and low on options, but he always has a trick up his sleeve and an unpleasant surprise for naughty Germans. 

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Wishing the Moon

This is my first novel. Cover art by Colton Zimmerman.

Wishing the Moon is about...

It's about a world where you can have as a direct gift from the creator, any unique paranormal ability you can think of so long as no one else alive possesses it. The key words are "unique" and "alive." Read about the rules.

It's about how might makes right and what defines morality. How, when the person with the ability to remove the calcium from your bones says it's now legal to marry goats, no one argues.

It's about how awful it would be to live in a world where paranormal powers really exist, and how that would shape political struggles, religion and society. Especially for those who aren't so lucky.

And finally, it's about being careful what you wish for, because anyone can wish for the ability to visit the moon. The problem is you don't have the ability to return. That would be two abilities and that breaks the rules. So, hold your breath and enjoy the view for a little while.

The covere depicts Le Le, with her ablity to generate cold. Behind her is Valenia, master of water and member of the Council Ra-ken.

You can read more at who publish the digital versions.

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Costumes of All Nations

Albert Kretschmer,
and Dr. Carl Rohrbach.


Have you ever wondered how a Roman senator laced his sandals? Or perhaps, how Venetian ladies of rank dressed in the 13th century?  The book, Costumes of all Nations, published in 1882, delicately draws the clothes, and common items of people from ancient times up to the 19th century in fantastic detail.

An artist friend, John Bieniek loaned the book to me after reading an early copy of Wishing the Moon. I was so taken by the plates and images that I decided to photograph the book and make the drawings available to everyone.